15 May 11

No, let it be Sunday all over again

fatboy x ada

ada x basketball court

ada x mulberry my plastic bird


supposedly eggplants

Ada was back to visit a few months ago! There’s more to see on her blog, she’s one heck of a lucky girl, going to Disneyland and all that.

Also, this post marks the beginning of many more plant-nature-green related posts to come. These were taken at the eco garden at the Science Centre.

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12 Feb 10

Changing sights, changing scenes


Ahh, this was taken right after the locksmith left. The awesome day where we paid $60 to get into our house after a morning run. It was my fault! I took the wrong key.


Lizards don’t do so well in our home

My last photo of Ada, we were about to jump into a cab and I quickly snapped this one

It’s been a little quiet here and I think about it everyday. I’m kinda dealing with a shift in me, I know it’s there and taking place, I just haven’t been able to adapt so well. But it’s all good, great actually. I only need to get used to the new voices I hear in my head.

Are there question marks above your heads right now? Haha, well for example, I really don’t feel like picking up my digital SLR and shooting with it. And I kinda want to be stubborn and shoot purely on film. Even if it’ll take me a month to finish a roll and leave me with no material for my blog, I still want to. And if that’s not enough, I want to shoot only when there’s awesome sunlight to work with. Which is really hard considering how nocturnal I am. Yeah… shite like that is stirring in my head.

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1 Feb 10

Farewell Ada

farewell Ada

I know this isn’t a stunning photo or whatever but this afternoon, I packed a box and sent Ada off. She’s headed to London. And this evening, I collected my roll of film and saw this photo, my heart kinda sank and jumped out at the same time, if that’s even possible! I forgot I took this, and thinking back now, I’m pretty sure I took this photo unintentionally too. Subconscious mind, probably.

{I knew a week before I took the photo that she’s due in London. I checked my emails and iCal to doublecheck.}

I’ll be back tomorrow with some photos from the newly developed roll. I thought Ada deserved a post of her own today.

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25 Dec 09

Merry Chrismassy!

Believe me I’m writing this with as much happiness and joy for this tremendous day called Christmas. The hours leading up to now, which isn’t many considering I only woke up at 4PM. It has been one boo-boo after another!

2AM supermarketing

First, we wanted to do a miniature picnic party for Ada and we went supermarketing at 2AM last night. Miniature cos she’s mini right. So I woke up at 4 and prepped the food.

miniature egg

Tiny egg! I couldn’t help but think ‘dinosaurrrrr’ as I was peeling it. I was so happy you have no idea how happy I was and I was about to take a shower then IT RAINS!!


Russian Red

I finally let the idea of the picnic go. Wanted to put on my new red lipstick – christmas gift from my mom – and after getting my lips painted perfectly, oh I go ahead to drop it and destroy the tip and splatttt my mirror and STAIN MY SHIRT!! MOMMMMY!!!!!

Well I’m in a new shirt now and we’re going for a dim sum dinner. Nevertheless, MERRY CHRISTMAS you guys! Good food, good people, good times!

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14 Dec 09

the saddest place on earth

A boxful of comforting goodness was sent my way from mimipong. Nothing beats opening my letterbox and see it stuffed to the brim.

the saddest place on earth

the saddest place on earth

the saddest place on earth

the saddest place on earth

the saddest place on earth

There’s Weep, the tear doll / A guide to coping with sorrow / A handbook featuring collaborations with 25 artists in Singapore, Hong Kong and Macau / A set of vivid and saturated photos-turned-postcards of Weep hanging around Singapore

I heart the idea of the note pad sewn onto Weep, where you can pen down what is making you sad and give it a hug or squeeze for some lovin’. It’s a role reversal to me, no one really addresses sorrow openly. I’m actually beginning to feel Weep is more than just a blue plushie…

Weep comes in two sizes, one big enough to hug and one small enough to hold. There’s also limited edition artist dolls like this one, and it comes with a hankie pouch.

the saddest place on earth
One for the photo album, Ada’s glad as hell she has a new company. What were the odds, blue and red? I took Ada along for a sleepover on Friday and she got called a ghost/Chucky the entire night!

Mimipong stocks at Strangelets, Rockstar and Cat Socrates.

I want to advocate buying handmade this Christmas but I’m having difficulty with it myself, I’ll admit. So if you have friends who are open to handmade (which can be rare outside this blogging community), buy handmade!

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