12 Sep 17

Seth’s 0-3 months on Earth

Hi friends! I don’t know if anyone’s up for more baby photos on the Internet, *rolls eyes*. Seth is almost five and a half months old now, I can’t believe it. There’s so much emotion behind parenthood that it overwhelms me every time someone asks me how’s things so let’s see if I can get it out of me by the end of the post. Photos, photos I can do right now! He is such a joy to take photos of these days since he responds to his name and will laugh if you say words starting with B like ā€“ burp, beep, bubble. But I have some favourites from his very small days that I’d like to share too.

Newborn days
newborn days
He’s just 3 days old here, getting some sun

newborn days

newborn days
We are on the couch a lot in those days

1-2 months old
1-2 months old
I LOVE this one but didn’t share it anywhere then because boobs. But I’m at a point now where I’m over it.

1-2 months old
Mittens!!! Which reminds me, I didn’t know babies’s nails grow at lightning speed. Even now, I have to trim his daily. If not, come morning, his face would look like Wolverine paid him a visit last night.

1-2 months old1-2 months old
Caring for him got a whole lot better once his neck got stronger. Now I’m looking forward to the day he can sit up!

2-3 months old
2-3 months old
This Baby Bjorn bouncer is everything. We bring it along with us if we pop by people’s houses. Still do! We’re at my ahgong’s house here, hanging out. Us marvelling at him, him fixated on the curtains. [Mama talk: I’d just also add that we bounce him on the bouncer to get him to sleep since he was four months-ish. So after he dozes off, we’ll carry him out and put him in his crib. I think we decided to because he’s not light and rocking/swaying/carrying him became very tiresome.]

2-3 months old
A lot of stress melted away once he started to enjoy tummy time, like, you won’t believe it.

2-3 months old2-3 months old
Ben was the happiest person alive when Seth started to smile back at him. He felt like finally there was some recognition.

The first few weeks were very very hard for us. I polished my reply after many reiterations and it goes something like this… “It’s crazy. You had this life of yours, a lot of it you’re good at, maybe your job, cooking your meals, working out. Then there’s some of it that you suck at, but all in all, you’re doing okay at taking care of yourself. You felt your 20s was a roller coaster ride and turning 30 felt a whole lot calmer, you’re more focused. You know what you want. You’re 80% happy most of the time. 20% emo. It took me 32 years to reach this point, awesome! Then boom, a baby falls into your arms and both you and your baby are 0 years old. You both are equally confused, clueless and need sleep. A lot of concepts are foreign to you. There’s so much learning to do. Inadequacy creeps in. There are no concrete answers. Friends can hold your hand, but you have to make the decisions yourself. You have to acquire new instincts, and not take your own sweet time. You make SO many so many mistakes. You learn quickly not to harp on anything anymore. You don’t know what anything means anymore too after trying this, that, this and that. Then you accept certain things/qualities/weaknesses about yourself, your partner and your baby”. By then, anyone would have regretted asking me how’s things, haha.

I felt like I could breathe a lot better after the third month. There are more good days than bad days now which is nice. It used to be the other way around. Not entirely because of the baby, bad days could also be caused by my moods, my inadequacy to handle something. We get to go out so much more now, so the sense of “having a life” is coming back. Which is nice. Nice is a good thing. I’m gonna end on this note. Hopefully, do another recap after he turns six months. xx



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  1. denise says:

    this is so nice melly, i’m so happy for you guys that you are happier now and have a good routine going! so excited to hear your honest opinion and talk about having a baby! keep it upppp šŸ˜€

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