26 Apr 17

1 month on

It’s been a crazy 28 days of living with a baby! I’m telling everyone who asks, that this truly is one of the hardest things I’ve done. The first week was so hard that I couldn’t even remember what labour pains were anymore, what are they? They are a type of pain that comes to an end. First-time-parent pain… that one lasts forever till baby #2 comes along. Anyway, I am taking it all with a sense of humour, as best I can. So in that spirit, I wanted to share this very real photo of how I had my breakfast this morning.

Day 28

The backstory: Ben & I thought we successfully put Seth down to nap so he prepped his cereal while I overdid things by wanting to celebrate ‘one month of baby’ with avocado toast. While my slices of sourdough were in the toaster, the little guy starts making sounds on the baby monitor. The both of us watched him closely, praying so hard he’ll soothe himself back to sleep. My toasts had 2.5 minutes to go, come on! He did not soothe himself back to sleep. In fact, he wanted to nurse. Why! No! Breakfast is almost ready! But then I realized, hey, I have one free hand. To eat with! So I ate and dropped crumbs on his body while he nursed.

Now I fully understand why some mamas out there told me to prepare snacks that can be eaten with one hand. And it kinda helped peel off the first layer of preciousness with this little baby. A friend recently reminded me that babies are robust, which was something I needed to hear.

And, promise it’s the last and –– see that piece of plain toast, that’s where the avocado was supposed to go. I ate plain toast guys. Life is so different now. I used to fuss over how to slice avocados real thinly! That was a luxury. This is a great tutorial on slicing pretty avocados, btw.


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  1. wl says:

    hahaha melly ! good that you’re taking everything with a good dose of humor – and infecting others (erm me) with it. I’m guilty of putting mine on the changing mat that is on the kitchen counter and prepping/ eating my breakfast in front of her. well at least I have my two hands free to do everything hehe while she entertains herself looking at cabinet lighting. 加油 !

  2. Allison says:

    Hahaha you are such a champ! I love your attitude!

  3. denise says:

    haha melly you are such a boss. love hearing all the stories, can’t wait for more! add oil!!!!

  4. Diana says:

    Oh, Melly! I am laughing and feel so much empathy for this story. I love what you said- labor pains come to an end but parenting is a never ending pain! It’s funny and true. There’s so much joy in it but we see more of that once we get past the exhaustion. There was one week I went without a shower, it was so gross, I didn’t recognize myself. Things like this I took for granted but I promise it gets easier! I used to have cold toast with colder coffee (bleh!) but at 6 months, now it’s lukewarm, ha! Lots of love to you guys!!

  5. Adeline says:

    Yay for keeping a sense of humour despite hardships! And yay for all three of you! 🙂

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