9 Dec 15

In the land of poms

November & December has been pretty work-heavy, pom pom work-heavy. I held a Totoro Pom workshop at the end of October, it was the most advanced class to date. If we had all the time in the world, the ladies would have been able to trim their Totoros to perfection.

totoro pom workshop
Humans and Totoros, at Glitch Singapore

Two Sundays back, I held another workshop, well more of a get-together and less of a workshop. The idea of the session was for everyone to make any type of pom pom they liked, at their own pace, after I’ve demonstrated the steps. One of the participant’s husband, Greg, took a video. So with that video, I turned it into a longer video. (Thanks Greg! It is precious footage to me!)

And some more photos because the venue was amazing! The Letter J Supply‘s space is a dream.

pom pom get-together

pom pom get-together

pom pom get-together

pom pom get-together

pom pom get-together

Thankful for the opportunities that has come my way, may 2016 be shinier, for you and me.


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