2 May 13

Won’t you live here right with me

Took a walk around Gillman Barracks and these were some of the quiet spaces I saw.






The Naked Finn, looks like a great place to hang.

A standalone loo.




A little update on what I’ve been up to, I’ve been working on new products – hair accessories! – which I hope will be ready for sale end of May. I’m really excited and also a bag of nerves. It’s been a while since I last sold handmade work, and I miss it so much. I know people say it all the time but now that it’s happening to me, I can truly say I love making things with my hands.

Now, Ben & I are off to Hanoi for a week. Halong Bay, here we come!

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6 responses to “Won’t you live here right with me”

  1. zee says:

    wow excited to see the hair accessories when they’re released, melly! 😀 it’s great that you’re enjoying the process so much.

  2. sara says:

    This pictures are great 🙂
    looking forward to see your images from Hanoi & you handmade goodies*

  3. Chanel Jibal says:

    Great photos!! Have a great trip Melly!

  4. Shirley says:

    Hello^^ I didn’t see the Naked Finn the last time I was there, your photos make me want to go back again 🙂

  5. meds says:

    handmade anything just injects more personality to items around us 🙂 I really need to visit the barracks.

    enjoy the trip!

  6. denise says:

    okay i’m so dumb. this whole time i read “hainan” and so I thought you were were in Hainan islands when I told you my dad lives there..lol okay so my dad doesnt live in hanoi…………hahahaha #stupid

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