18 Jun 13


If you’re into eating clean, this roundup might interest you! First up is Onaka. They have two branches – one is an outdoor cafe, the other a restaurant. I ate at both and LOVED it.

Onaka Healing Cafe at Rochester Park


What’s great? The food tastes so fresh. Ben had a chicken mayo sandwich which was really yummy. My tofu avocado salad was good too but after taking a bite of his sandwich, I was willing to ditch my salad! The space is airy and peaceful, a nice hideout for a quiet lunch.

Onaka at ARC


What’s great? The food is delicious. Also I liked the ingredients that is on the menu. Basically, it’s healthy, it’s feel-good so you feel like you’re doing your body some good. But not at the expense of good flavours!

Bummer? The menu is more extensive here compared to the cafe. There are plenty of options for sides/entrées/dessert. With all the choices, I felt the menu lacked in cohesiveness and left me confused.

The Lawn




What’s great? At The Lawn, you get to create your own salad. I know there are many salad bars out there and I’ve tried my share of them which is why I know a goody when I find one. I think the magic is that they grill your protein of choice and their salad dressings are AMAZING. My favourite is the red island dressing while Ben loves his WasaHoney dressing. Prices are so reasonable for the portions too. I would eat there everyday if I could!

Till the next TOOTHSOME!

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  1. Magali says:

    I can’t visit any of these Melly but the photos are SO lovely. Wow.

  2. sara says:

    yummy yummy yummy

  3. zee says:

    I’m so excited and inspired to try these places now! Thank you for sharing them Melly 🙂 It’s so hard to find tasty and healthy grub.

  4. Chanel Jibal says:

    Those dishes look fantastic!!!! yummmm.

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