21 Feb 13


I try to seek out nice food every now and then. I thought TOOTHSOME could be a feature of establishments that sell some delicious food and also succeeded at delivering their concept/spirit/ambition through a bite of my pie or a sip of my latte. Did that make sense? So I have three places in this post, each I enjoyed very much.





What’s great? They sell Windowsill Pies here. The pies are amazing. The amount of light that fills the space! I could have sat there all day.



What’s great? The sandwiches! Ok you might not know this but croute means crust in french. My serrano & mozzarella panini was scrumptious! Also, I love me a deli concept.

Bummer? The coffee.

Nylon Coffee Roasters


What’s great? Can I say EVERYTHING! I know at times, you go to a place and if the stars don’t align, it can be a disaster. Bad service, noisy neighbours at the next table, peak hour slam, ordered the wrong thing, any one of these occurs ā€“ Boom! Easily leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Well my latte was awesome. Strong, check. Frothy, check. Not overpriced, check. It is known Nylon isn’t so much a cafe but a shopfront for coffee to-go. Still, Ben & I lingered for awhile, listening in on a conversation going on with some customers and the owners. Watched a baby crumple her face only to smile again, over and over. Now do you believe me when I say EVERYTHING?

Till the next TOOTHSOME!

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  1. meds says:

    as much as I didn’t want to hop on the food-logging bandwagon, I too have started to pen down where I’ve been, so that I remember which are the good ones (and forget the slightly tasteless memories). haven’t tried artistry yet, shall give it a visit šŸ™‚

  2. Kelley says:

    Smores pie! I’m sold. The strawberry lemon one at Artistry looks good too. Your description of what ‘everything’ is at the last place made me smile. It reminds me of my favorite coffee shop nearby.

  3. Kelley says:

    Thanks Melly. Her name is Nora Rose. She’s a sweet little pea. Things have been good, there have been a lot of changes lately, but we’re trying to be open to them and she’s making it easy. I was so happy to see your comment!

  4. Magali says:

    This is a lovely new feature. I’m crazy about the grain in these photos, it makes me really really want to dust off & shoot with an analog camera.

  5. Sneha says:

    I like your toothsome series šŸ™‚

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