10 Dec 12

I’m gonna go fondle my sweaters



Am heading up to Taipei on Thursday, it will be my first time there. My brother took up a job there in July, so we’re visiting him and getting a glimpse of his new life. He speaks only good things about the city so I’m pretty excited! Since I’m only there for a little less than a week, I won’t get to see everything. Are there any Must-Dos you would like to share? We’ll have some days to ourselves to wander around and it would be nice to wander into the right places!

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  1. Magali says:

    Sounds great, have fun in Taipei!

  2. Chanel Jibal says:

    Enjoy Taipei! I can’t wait to see your photos! 🙂

  3. Siew says:

    Go eat up a storm at the Raohe or Shida night markets! 🙂

  4. R.Y says:

    I love Raohe & Shida more than the usual haunts like Shilin! Raohe is kinda hard to find though, you need to take a train and walk or change buses. (http://www.goingplaces.sg/taipei/raohe-night-market/)

    Wufenpu (http://www.wufenpu.com/) is also near Raohe Night Market. It’s a popular wholesale market for the many clothes you see on blogshops and Far East plaza shops. I didn’t buy anything there though. It’s sorta like Bangkok’s JJ market, but less bustling and cleaner, maybe just a little neater.

    Visit Minimal Cafe too! It’s a cats cafe with awesome coffee (I didn’t try it the other time though) and other drinks. But your cats may get jealous, haha. Here’s the link: http://www.katcanrawr.com/2012/06/minimal-cafe-in-taiwan-have-you-been-to.html

    And do visit YongKang St! It’s like this shady tree place with lotsa small shops and awesome food places (like Monster Ice Mango, Beef Noodles, the original Din Tai Fung)…it’s kinda like a mix of Haji Lane + Far East Plaza + Chinatown/Duxton Hill area. Here’s one shop (http://blog.yam.com/sienna)

    Check out Danshui if you have the chance too. It’s kinda like Jurong Lake area of Singapore…but with tiny Italian cafes facing the sea. It takes about 45 mins via their MRT from town. You can rent Giant bikes there (many bike rental places on the way) and ride on the rickety boardwalk.

    Erm…if you are into indie music (mostly Chinese though), this is the shop to visit: The White Rabbit (http://www.wwr.com.tw/)…ard the Shida area too.

    And! If you have the chance, try Cheng San Ding bubble tea too. It’s more “nong” than usual bubble teas, but it only comes in one flavour, which is Black Sugar. It’s pretty hard to locate (my bf and I bickered over its location and searched for it for days, but that could be because we don’t read traditional Chinese characters too well) but here’s the guide to it: http://iamgourmand.wordpress.com/2011/04/11/chensandingpearlmilk/

    I highly recommend this guide too.

    And well, the good thing about Taipei’s there great food anywhere, everywhere! Maybe I’m a greedy person, but even the common stalls selling hot buns stuffed with meat were good…at least to me!

  5. b says:

    Check out Eslite book store they have a whole building near Taipei 101.

    Or check out the original Eslite (24 hours) near Zhong xiao dunhua station. and weave through the lil alleys full of small shops in that area. Some alleys have hand crafted leather shops, the larger alleys have predictable quicksilver and the likes.. One full evening of adventure in that area..

    And give the Ximen area a miss…

  6. b says:

    And please over pack, dad says it’s alot colder…sooner..and for alot longer…

  7. Michelle says:

    If it’s not too late for you to read this. Go to Good Cho’s and Simple Market on Sunday! Not to be missed!

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