25 Jun 09


I have those two lines hanging above our bed right now, in place of this poster that keeps falling off – no amount of blue tack keeps it staying put! And i can’t frame+hang it because our landlord wouldn’t be pleased with holes in his walls (boring~) but that’s okay i’ve come to terms with it now.

Anyway don’t you think it looks like a tribal queen’s collarpiece? Everytime i take a good look at it, i have the urge to use crayons to draw in some diamond-jewels, a great golden headpiece and i suppose a face to join it all up!

The whole point of this post is actually to ask if anyone would want one? I overestimated and made way too many triangles so now i have two extra strings of bunting. It’s nothing much really to say “hey giveaway!” but it’s a little too much bunting for my tiny home. So if you’d like one, leave me your email and i’ll send one over – wherever you are!

Also, Roberta Jane of Camp Comfort asked a wonderful bunch of bloggers to participate in her How I’d Wear It series, revolving around a cute pair of Topshop denim bottoms. My outfit is up on her blog today so do check it out! It was real fun, now i know why Polyvore exists.

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