09 Mar 09
I'm beginning to think this news section is redundant as i update mostly on my blog and twitter - follow me if you have a twitter account! Anyhow i'm so glad the gnome prints got sold! Thanks to everyone who bought one xx

13 Jan 09
Am i too late to say happy new year? Well nothing planned up for the year except to do more, search more and take in more. Be it with art pieces or photography or actual work projects, i feel like it's a good time to push myself more to see what my imagination has to offer. Have a great start to 2009 fellas!

06 Dec 08
Oh i set up my etsy store after countless moons!

28 Oct 08
If you'd like to own a piece of Greenlaundry, now you can! I'm making customised Ori Packs from now till i run out of paper. $8 a pop, and you get 8 paper things together with your alphabets. Drop me an email to make an order.

02 Sep 08
It's been awhile hasn't it? I've been working on something for the past few weeks now and i will share it here once more things get more definite. I do get the feeling i move at a snail's pace but i guess it's best to walk at the pace of my heartbeat.

Till then, i leave you with a new portrait [under Artworks] and the last bit of Baybeats work for 2008 [under Commercial Works].

03 Jul 08
I recently completed the Baybeats 2008 website together with my partner. Check out the site here, or via our Hex website here.

Two new pieces added under Artworks too.

28 Apr 08

Firstly! I want to share that the calendar i worked on for Antalis won a merit award at this year's HOW International Design Awards. Here's a scan of it, just because it's my first and i was very excited when i heard the news.

Secondly i added two new pieces of work, Monks & Nuns, under Artworks. I have more to come but they're little projects made for a few friends and i won't reveal them till i know they've safely reached them in the mail.

18 Mar 08
I am almost half a month late but it's still March so i better do this quick. Michele over at Culturepush was very kind to include me on her banner shuffle, so my gnomes are there for the month of March!

11 Feb 08
A friend of mine, Sab, has launched her wicked website MYPAPERCUTS that lets you download cards for free. Cards for all occasions so all you have to do is download, have paper in your printer and let it print. I love the idea, go tell someone about it!