The Face

This business card's for my brother, he's a chef and he lives in Toronto, Canada. I rarely enjoy doing business cards because creating logos frighten me! So i took advantage of the fact that he's my brother and that this is a personal business card. Doing away with a logo, i created a vector image of his face + chef hat as the main graphic element. No more needing to 'put a face to the name', i say!

stitched a hankie

Stitched a hankie

yummy for my tummy hankie

These are two embroidered hankies i did for two different readers of my blog. I'm getting more comfy with embroidery and am working on another doily piece which would be on sold on my etsy shop. By mid-march i predict.

ori pack

ori pack

ori pack

Commissioned by one of the readers of my blog, i folded some origami clothing and her alphabets and made a personalised card for her.
Sealed in a handmade and hand-printed envelope.

If you'd like one, do check my etsy store for availability.

Together with the website, we did a festival calendar for the event. Show times, band lineup, extra info all compiled into a small foldout booklet.

Originally done as an anti-valentine's day card. Available for download here.

Hand-drawn for my friend, Sab.

Done for GameAxis magazine, theme was based on - yeah you guessed it, gaming.
Mine's on the right.

2007 calendar for Antalis Singapore.

A wedding invite for a some froggy lovers.

Drawing done for an exhibition by Stabilo, along the tunnel connecting Ngee Ann City and Wisma (Singapore). They were launching a new range of pens/markers and we were given some to draw with.