Printed Silhouettes

Printed Silhouettes

This set of four prints is based on fictional characters and one real-life person - the common trait? They each have an animal as part of their names. Susie Salmon on the top left, followed by Joe Fox, Cat Stevens and Peter Rabbit.

The original artworks are individually handprinted with hand-carved animal stamps. Continued with a papercut of the silhouette layered on top.

These 5 x 7" prints are for sale in my etsy store.


This is a portrait of my grandma whom i love so so dearly. Her glasses are very precious to her because she thinks they cost her a bomb.

Originally painted as a gift for a friend who collects vinyl records. It's not showing too well but i inscribed little scale-like patterns on the vinyl too.

Some origami packs i made for six of my friends. Each one came in the mail with some clothes, a handmade card and their names.



During some rough times, i did these in hope for some peace and ease of mind.

Watercolour, paper circles on recycled cardboard.


peaches and gnomes print

My fascination with gnomes led me to this. Painted with watercolour, double mounted on fabric. This artwork was later turned into a 8x10" print.

Self-portraits, as gnomes. Watercolour, paper mounting on fabric.